What We Do

Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) is dedicated to saving women’s lives by preventing unsafe abortion.Working with national and state governments; and local partners across 12 states, we work to improve women’s access to safe, high-quality abortion care and comprehensive contraceptive choices.

We work to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity due to unsafe abortion through COMPREHENSIVE ABORTION CARE, which includes post abortion care, counselling, and family planning.

We work to prevent unwanted pregnancies through COMPREHENSIVE CONTRACEPTIVE CARE which includes provision of a wide range of limiting and spacing contraceptives; and woman-centred counselling.

We TRAIN eligible providers in clinical and counselling skills for comprehensive abortion care and comprehensive contraceptive care.

We PROVIDE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to the national and state governments to bring about increased commitment to the sexual and reproductive health of women.

We work with COMMUNITIES to expand their knowledge of reproductive health.

We RESEARCH the impact of unsafe abortion and document best abortion care practices and policies.

We WORK TO ENSURE YOUTH ACCESS to comprehensive reproductive health services and information, including contraception and safe abortion care.