Community Engagement

To complement our efforts of creating CAC services, Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) works to build women’s awareness of sexual and reproductive health. We inform women and community leaders about the safety and legality of abortion and work closely with the government to build a conducive environment for abortion and contraceptive care.

In 2007 we conducted a community-based research study in Bihar and Jharkhand to understand existing levels of knowledge of safety and legality of abortion among women of reproductive age. The study found that more than 90 percent of women in India had not received any information related to abortion and 50 percent believed that abortion was illegal in the country. IDF works with women, especially young women; men; and community health intermediaries with a focus on:

  • expanding women’s –  including young women’s – knowledge, skills, and ability to prevent unwanted pregnancies and access safe abortions, including medical abortion;
  • identifying and mitigating barriers to abortion information and care; and helping dispel myths and misconceptions;
  • developing a cadre of trained health intermediaries to inform and guide women to safe services.