Ipas Development Foundation’s (IDF) Comprehensive Contraceptive Care (CCC) project utilizes an innovative and unique onsite training model, which essentially means that trainings are conducted at government facilities without disruption of services to the community.

An entire cohort of health service providers is trained at one go, thereby strengthening multiple providers and allowing for continued provision of IUCD and PPIUCD.

These providers can be:

  • Doctors (general practitioners or specialists)
  • AYUSH doctors
  • Nurses
  • Auxiliary Nurse Midwives

The five-day intensive onsite trainings are conducted by IDF’s mobile training teams, which includes doctors and nurses as trainers. During the training, the mobile training teams work with trainees to improve general facilities at the site, ensure that protocols (labor room arrangement, waste disposal, and infection prevention) are followed and consequently, quality of service provision is improved.

Training, including hands-on training, is done within the context in which the subsequent work will be carried out – this allows trainers to address challenges unique to each site. During the ongoing Phase 1 of the program, we are focusing on high caseload facilities to ensure training requirements are met.