Unnati: Center for Learning and Advancement

Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) launched Unnati: Center for Learning and Advancement in 2015 as a learning and professional growth platform for doctors, nurses, and auxiliary nurse-midwives (ANM) trained to provide comprehensive contraceptive care (CCC) and assist women in making informed limiting and spacing contraceptive choices.

Unnati aims to facilitate providers’ growth and to help them become more effective CCC providers. We do this by being a resource of CCC, and health related information for CCC providers, providing them with updates from the field and fostering a thorough understanding of the CCC approach.

The Center offers:

  • Continuous education by means of regular technical updates
  • The opportunity for caregivers to network with other members providing comprehensive contraceptive care services; and trainers and clinical experts
  • A help desk to receive and answer providers’ queries
  • A platform where providers recognize each other’s contributions

Unnati Newsletters

PDFVol.5, Issue 1

January – March, 2020

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PDFVol.4, Issue 4

October – December, 2019

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PDFVol.4, Issue 3

July – September, 2019

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PDFVol.4, Issue 2

April – June, 2019

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