Ensuring Services

Under our comprehensive contraceptive care (CCC) project, as under our CAC program, Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) strives to ensure continued service provision by offering each newly trained provider with need-based clinical mentoring and support to remove programmatic barriers improve individual performance; and ensure high-quality CCC services.

IDF delivers intensive post-training support to the health service providers at their place of posting following the completion of the five-day onsite CCC training.

Our post-training support includes:

  • continued guidance by IDF’s clinical mentors to bolster  providers’ clinical competence and confidence;
  • site support which includes an array of solutions including conducting onsite sensitization workshops for support staff; orienting community health intermediaries on CCC and information on referring women;
  • programmatic support facilitated through the district and state-level officials to address any barriers that prevent a provider from offering contraceptive care services