CAC Connect

Given the spread of our providers across the country, many of whom offer CAC services in difficult locations, we felt the need to create a community that connects and continuously educates CAC providers.

CAC Connect, envisioned as a national interactive community for CAC professionals, was conceptualized with this objective – of connecting CAC-trained providers with each other and CAC clinical experts to improve the quality of CAC services and to make them available where they do not currently exist.

It was with this concept in mind that CAC Connect was launched at the National CAC Resource Persons Meet, held in Goa, in May 2012. What started with the enrolment of 119 CAC master trainers and clinical mentors from six states, today connects 3500 clinical mentors, master trainers and CAC-trained providers from 14 states of India.

It also serves as a rich platform for sharing CAC experiences from across the country and keeping our providers informed on updates in the domain of reproductive health.

CAC Connect empowers caregivers through:

  • Continuous education by means of regular training and technical updates
  • Opportunities for caregivers to network with other doctors like themselves also providing CAC services; and trainers and clinical experts
  • A help desk to receive and answer providers’ queries
  • A platform where providers share experiences and recognize each other’s contributions in the area of maternal health.

CAC Connect Newsletters


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October – December, 2019


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July – September, 2019


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April – June, 2019


PDFVol.7, Issue 1

January – March, 2019

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