Technology Innovations



Disha Didi is IDF’s AI-powered chatbot to provide quick, credible information, respond to individual queries on sexual and reproductive health and COVID-19, and create linkages to government health facilities. Developed using the HCD methodology, Disha Didi uses Hindi and has been designed keeping in mind needs of young women in rural communities – it also includes an option to connect to a human counsellor for more in-depth engagement and information. The chatbot is backed by our on-ground youth leaders to ensure access to safe, respectful services for women as required.




The Saksham project in Uttar Pradesh, implemented by IDF, focuses on expanding method choices and building private capabilities to address the contraceptive needs of postabortion clients. Key component of the project is the Saksham Helpline, a toll-free service available seven days a week. The helpline offers contraceptive counseling and support, aiding to the decision-making through calls, SMS, and WhatsApp, based on the caller’s preference. The initiative aims to provide information to facilitate the adoption of suitable contraception methods, contributing to improved reproductive health outcomes.




The Vikalp project, implemented by IDF, aims to improve the use of reversible contraceptives among low-parity women in the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
A vital aspect of the Vikalp project is a toll-free helpline operating seven days a week. This helpline provides contraceptive counseling and personalized guidance to aid decision-making. Through these initiatives, Vikalp strives to empower women with informed choices and enhance accessibility to reproductive healthcare in targeted regions.