Public sector serving poor women for comprehensive abortion care: IDF study

An in-depth study undertaken by IDF recently published in The BMC Health Services Research (BioMed Central) journal explored the socio-economic profile of women accessing CAC services at different levels of public health facilities in rural and urban Madhya Pradesh. This study specifically examines 1) if public sector facilities are offering CAC services to women, 2) socio- economic profile of women varied by type of public sector facilities, and 3) if women incurred any out-of-pocket cost (indirect) to access services in terms of transportation, food, clinical examination, and medicines.

Although this study was conducted in Madhya Pradesh, the findings have a national implication on the role of the public health system serving poor women. Mr. Vinoj Manning, Executive Director, IDF said that, “the study reaffirms the importance of our work in the country on strengthening access to CAC services in the public sector as it is the only way to ensure access to safe abortion services for poor women. It also underlines the need for increasing access to CAC services across the country”.