May, 2016

CAC Conclave

Date: June 27-28, 2016

Location: New Delhi

CAC Conclave is an endeavor to provide a national platform for a new generation of voices and create a wider community of advocates for comprehensive abortion care (CAC) in India.

Through the CAC Conclave, we seek to engage with an expanded group of academicians, NGOs, researchers, lawyers, service providers, etc. and expand the discourse on the subject which is limited to a small group of individuals and organizations.

The first CAC Conclave is scheduled to be held in New Delhi on June 27 and 28. In collaboration with the International Institute of Population Sciences, Human Rights Law Network, the YP Foundation, and others Ipas India is bringing together advocates, service providers, lawyers, and researchers working to increase access to safe abortion services and other related fields, along with established experts to enable sharing of experiences and leveraging of synergies.

The CAC Conclave will be based on the following themes:

1. Young Women
2. Abortion and Technology
3. Abortion and Law
4. Abortion and Research
5. Abortion in Media

If you identify with any of the thematic areas given above and your work relates to abortion services or has the potential to impact access to comprehensive abortion care, write to us at cac-conclave@ipas.org.

  • Year : 2016
  • Author(s) : IDF