January, 2017

Yukti Yojana is a Good, Replicable, and Innovative Practice

Yukti Yojana, a unique public-private partnership between the Government of Bihar and Ipas Development Foundation has been featured in the book Winds of Change: Good, Replicable, and Innovative Practices released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).
The book is a compendium of programs and innovations that are relevant to healthcare needs of the population, especially those who are disadvantaged and marginalized; and those that facilitate better healthcare in terms of accessibility, affordability, quality, and equity. Importantly, these programs have been identified as having the potential for wide-scale application.
Under Yukti Yojana, women receive high-quality, free-of-cost abortion care from accredited private clinics that are then reimbursed by the respective District Health Societies. The program complements existing public-sector CAC services in Bihar.
Yukti Yojana was showcased at the Third National Summit on Good, Replicable Practices & Innovations in Public Health Care Systems in India organised by MoHFW August, 2016, and been featured in the Compendium of Good Practices across the Globe, released by the Prime Minister of India, at the Call to Action Summit, 2015.

  • Year : 2017
  • Author(s) : IDF