February, 2017

Taking the Pehla Kadam to Comprehensive Abortion Care

Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) is piloting a pre-training package for doctors attending the comprehensive abortion care (CAC) training program. Designed to bridge the gap between selection and training, the package delivers pertinent information about abortion and related topics to doctors – at their fingertips.
Pehla Kadam, an android application, is an innovative digital platform that introduces doctors to the abortion scenario in India and various elements of abortion care. Also included are a selected glossary of technical terms, an overview of essential equipment, and a short primer on the CAC training. As part of the package, IDF is also piloting a paper-based version of the app to gauge the usability and efficacy of the two knowledge-delivery systems in the Indian context.
The package is currently being piloted in four states: Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.
If you would like to access the application, please write to us at idf@ipas.org or call us on +91 90133 80510

  • Year : 2017