Insights and Recommendations for Facilitating DMPA-SC Self-Administration in India

This policy brief serves as a pivotal guide as DMPA-SC gets integrated into India’s Family Planning program. It offers an understanding of the method’s full potential. The policy recommenda....Read More

Lessons from navigating the impact of COVID-19 on FP: Case studies from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh

IDF conducted a qualitative study to understand and document the strategies that were deployed across states to navigate the impact of COVID-19 on the Family Planning (FP) program. Here is a brief ....Read More

Handbook on Abortion Laws for Healthcare Service Providers in India

This handbook, jointly developed by IDF and The Centre for Justice, Law, and Society, Jindal Global Law School, seeks to clarify the legal position of abortion in India and make abortion service pr....Read More

Improving Pathways to Choice and Access: Key Initiatives

IDF undertakes a range of initiatives to holistically impact the health and lives of women and girls. Here’s a brief snapshot of some initiatives.

....Read More

Expanding Availability and Improving Choice-Based Adoption of Contraception

Ipas Development Foundation’s comprehensive contraception care work is grounded in principles of choice and quality – we work with multiple stakeholders to ensure availability of a range of hig....Read More

Improving Young Women’s Ability to Utilize Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, including Contraception and Abortion, in Jharkhand

A project brief presenting key highlights of our youth-focused project for advancing sexual and reproductive health of young women in selected areas of Jharkhand. The project was supported by the O....Read More

Improving Knowledge and Care Seeking Behaviour of Young Women for Sexual and Reproductive Health in Assam and Madhya Pradesh

November 2021

According to India’s most recent census, young women aged 15–24 years made up almost one-fifth of the country’s female population – making one in every five Indian women youth a....Read More

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