Progress and prospects of MAPnet: A network of medication abortion providers in two districts of Maharashtra, India

March 1, 2008
Type: Publications

Medication abortion (MA) can play a vital role in reducing unsafe abortions; however, MA services in India are being provided in an unorganized fashion and are usually limited to urban areas. Worki....Read More

Increasing access to safe abortion services in Uttarakhand

October 17, 2007
Type: Publications

This report describes a simple methodology to screen and approve facilities as provider-training sites for comprehensive abortion care.  This approach will help state governments in India adopt an....Read More

Seven Years of NRHM MP Experience

June 11, 2008
Type: Publications

The National Health Mission (formerly known as National Rural Health Mission) on its seventh anniversary published selected successful and impactful interventions including IDF CAC model in its rep....Read More

Preventing Unsafe Abortion and its Consequences

September 16, 2006
Type: Publications

Unsafe abortion is a significant yet preventable cause of maternal mortality and morbidity in developing countries. This report contains the papers submitted to an interdisciplinary consultation co....Read More

Medical Abortion in Bihar and Jharkhand: A study of service providers, chemists, women and women

July 1, 2005
Type: Publications

Very little has been known about the use of medication abortion in India. This study interviews abortion service providers, pharmacists and citizens to measure knowledge and use of the method in tw....Read More

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