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February 2019

Review Meeting on Model CAC Centres

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India envisioned `Model CAC Training and Service Delivery Centres’ in selected states, for demonstrating standardized quality norms for CAC trainings and service delivery. These facilities at identified District Hospitals and Medical Colleges will demonstrate the ideal set-up for CAC service delivery and training. Thirteen centres across nine states have been strengthened so far under this initiative. Ipas Development Foundation (IDF), is assisting the GoI in this initiative.

A total of 48 participants from the 13 established Model CAC Centres, MoHFW, FOGSI & IDF attended the meeting to discuss the progress made so far in the intervention, shared lessons learnt and accordingly plan the way forward.

Key Highlights of the Meeting:

1.     All the Model CAC Centres shared their best practices and lessons learnt, for further improvement of the centres under the initiative.

2.     A booklet: “Model Comprehensive Abortion Care Centre: Journey So Far” was launched during this workshop. The booklet includes status update and best practices adopted by the model centres for establishing quality norms. This will serve as a guidance for establishing more model CAC training and service delivery centres.

Booklet: Model Comprehensive Abortion Care Centre: Journey So Far  This book comprises of the genesis of model CAC centres along with the key components of quality desired at these centres of excellence. There is pictorial depiction of achievements of the centres and areas where quality has been consistently maintained. It shows key quantitative indicators of each centre.