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November 21, 2017
Type: Updates
The Ninth Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR) in Vietnam, Nov 27-30, 2017   Satellite Session:   From Policy to Action: Expanding Health Worker Roles for Comprehensive Abortion Care In India November 28, 2017 Time: 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm Venue: Room M4, Quang Ninh Ex...Read More
October 24, 2017
Type: Updates
The International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH) 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health: Investing in Adolescent Health - the Future is Now has been held from 27-29 October 2017, hosted by MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child (MAMTA) and Consortium Partners (Pathfinder International, Population...Read More
IDF is one of India's Best NGOs to Work For
October 6, 2017
Type: Updates
Great Place to Work Institute, the global management consulting and research firm, has identified the 10 best non-government organizations (NGOs) in India that offer the best environment to work in from among 26 participating organizations.   The average employee strength of these NGOs was around 466, with women ...Read More
Young champions of family planning
September 12, 2017
Type: Updates
120 Under 40 recognizes and highlights the achievements of the next generation of family planning leaders worldwide; it is led by the Gates Institute with support from Bayer. Over the course of this multi-year project, 120 young family planning champions will be chosen, 40 in each of the three project years.   Ga...Read More
Mission Parivar Vikas in Madhya Pradesh
August 30, 2017
Type: Updates
Under the aegis of Mission Parivar Vikas, and with technical assistance from IDF, the government of Madhya Pradesh launched two new contraceptives in the public sector at a state-level meeting on 29th August 2017.   The contraceptives - injectable hormone, Antara programme; and weekly oral contraceptive pills, Ch...Read More
Integrating CAC and PAFP: Experience Sharing Workshop
June 8, 2017
Type: Updates
Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) brought together participants from seven states to share their experiences regarding their respective CAC programs at the "Integrating CAC and PAFP: experience sharing workshop," in Chennai, on June 8 and 9. Participants, including comprehensive abortion care (CAC), and family plannin...Read More
What is the best way to improve women's knowledge and usage of safe abortion services?
March 6, 2017
Type: Updates
Findings of a study conducted by Ipas Development Foundation (IDF), comparing the effectiveness of two behaviour change communication interventions in Bihar and Jharkhand, have now been published in BMJ Open. The study was designed to improve women's knowledge and usage of safe abortion services, as well as the dose e...Read More
Taking the Pehla Kadam to Comprehensive Abortion Care
February 27, 2017
Type: Updates
Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) is piloting a pre-training package for doctors attending the comprehensive abortion care (CAC) training program. Designed to bridge the gap between selection and training, the package delivers pertinent information about abortion and related topics to doctors - at their fingertips. P...Read More
Strengthening the Voices of Local NGOs
January 27, 2017
Type: Updates
Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) brought together representatives from 26 NGOs working across Rajasthan for a sensitization workshop, 'Strengthening Voices on Women's Access to Comprehensive Abortion: Role of NGOs'. The workshop focused on incorporating messages on comprehensive abortion care (CAC) into participants'...Read More
Yukti Yojana is a Good, Replicable, and Innovative Practice
January 25, 2017
Type: Updates
Yukti Yojana, a unique public-private partnership between the Government of Bihar and Ipas Development Foundation has been featured in the book ‘Winds of Change: Good, Replicable, and Innovative Practices’ released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). The book is a compendium of programs ...Read More
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